The Pilot Portal

Where Your Drone is Money

The Most Valuable & Actionable Resource for People that Want to Make Money Flying Drones.

Are you tired of hearing that you can make money flying drones with no real tangible steps?


While others help you get a license and provide drone hustling theory & ‘talk’, Droneometry provides you with the nitty-gritty details you need to close drone service deals that will put food on your family’s plates.

Droneometry supplies you with everything you need from white-label pitch decks, sales scripts, lists of agencies to submit photos to, tutorials, and more.

There’s NO SITE like Droneometry’s Pilot Portal.

Even better, every month members have a chance to vote for which topics should be added the following month. (See below for winning topics in the queue).

The Droneometry Pilot Portal is ideal for:


Drone enthusiasts that want to make some extra cash

Freelance photographers wanting to expand service offerings

Programmers that love drones & robots

Drone Pilots looking for more work

Entrepreneurs looking for another way to make money doing something interesting

Career-minded individuals who want to own the drone department at their company

Surveyors, inspectors & contractors wanting to expand skillset & increase efficiency

Anti-social people that just want to take awesome pictures & submit to stock sites

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Modules in the Queue:

  • Aerial Portraits for Families
  • Strategies for Training Others
  • Interviews with Top Photographers
  • Making an Online Portfolio
  • Selling Prints & Cards
  • This is Why You Need Drone Services Material
  • Facebook Ads in 2019