Support Drone Education for Kids

We are Looking for a Few Companies to Help Us Make Something Awesome!!

Here’s the scoop, we are raising $10,000 to make a complete kids’ coding video series dedicated to the benefits of drones. The videos will be educational, drone-focused versions of the activities & courses found on our kids’ page here.


We currently have eight kids (and counting) from ages 6-14. They are excited to start executing various drone building, coding & flying projects.


We will begin filming on April 10th 2019. All support must be collected by April 3rd, so that we can include the supporters’ logos in all print jobs.

Droneometry Kids

How the Money Will Be Used

We will use the money to produce 10+ videos covering various kids drones education, as well as publish a workbook to sell on Amazon. Here are the details.

  1. Production of 10 High-Quality Videos + Promotion
  2. 1 Tello Educator Kit
  3. 3 Circuit Scribe Drones
  4. 2 FlyBrix Kits
  5. 2 DroneBlocks Courses (Programming Tello with Python & Math and Drones)
  6. 5 unbranded (non)Lego(r) brick drones
  7. 12 T-shirts with Supporters’ Logos on the back
  8. 6 Tickets to Ruben H Fleet Museum
  9. 6 Tickets to Discover Science Musem
  10. Vinyl Banner
  11. Team Tablet
  12. Droneometry for Kids Decals


Your support will help us produce content that will help kids from all over the world fall in love with drones, while still learning to become real-life pilots and programmers!


# 100% Transparency – Supporters will have access to copies of all receipts #


# Supporter will also be included in various approval processes for brand reputation adherence #


Example Educational Videos, Lessons & Topics

  • Block Coding __ Drone with ___ App
  • History of Drones
  • Playground Activities for Programmers
  • Coding Drone Routes Based on Batter Life
  • Old McDonald’s Modern-Tech Farm
  • Interview with Drone ___ from ___
  • Safety Quizzes for Kids
  • Creating 3D Models of Toys (RE Simulation)
  • Coding Toy AG Drone at the Local Garden
  • The Best Brick Building Drone Kits
  • Best Drone Kits for Kids Ages __ – __
  • Control Your Drone with an Xbox Controller
  • Which Drone is the Strongest?
  • Conditional Math Exercises
  • and so much more.

Performed by local smart kids in San Diego, California, USA.

Here's What We'll Do For Our Supporters

We have ambitious goals and its urgent that we get started. All companies that donate $2,000 by the end of March will receive the following:

  1. A Logo w/link to website on any Droneometry page for 1 year.
  2. Logo Displayed during Thank You Snippet within the 1st 20 seconds of 10 Videos (1,000+ Views & Shared on Social Media)
  3. Link to your site in 10 Youtube video descriptions
  4. Logo subliminally displayed in the background of all seated video scenes
  5. Logo displayed in kids coding workbook that will sell on
  6. Brands & models featured in exercises simulating real-world scenarios
  7. 1 Blog post covering a topic benefitting your brand

# A detailed agreement/S.O.W. will be provided. You will also be granted access to project roadmaps #

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Can you support Droneometry for Kids?

This is a unique advertising and branding opportunity that will increase awareness of your brand, while at the same time support a great cause.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact us here.