Drone Building & Drone Coding for Kids

Drones are in the future. So who better to focus on than our kids?

(test)Helping children understand the importance of drones could pave the way for a very bright future for the drone industry. Plus using drones is a really fun way to learn! Below are resources to help parents, teachers, and kids learn more about drones, UAVs, coding, and FLIGHT!

Drone Building & Programming Kits for Kids

Circuit Scribe
Tello edu

Activities for Future Builders, Pilots & Programmers

3x5 project
hop scotch coding
box flight
RC Controller Programming Basic

Workbench Activities

Drone Power Lifter
Parrot Programming
Drone Mulitplication
Drone Perspective Drawing
parrot drone delivery
Conditional Programming Drone

Teachers Pay Teachers

drone lab
drone future

Drone & Coding Apps for Kids

Drone Blocks
Tello EDU

Drone & Coding Websites for Kids